Dr. Hanan Ashrwai, PLO Executive Member
Mr. Ehud Barak, Former Prime Minister of Israel

Hosted by: MSC Wiley Lecture Series
The MSC Wiley Lecture Series exists to broaden the educational experiences of the Texas A&M community by encouraging thought-provoking discussion on national and foreign policy issues


A program that featured Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, Palestinian Legislative Council Executive and Former Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Ehud Barak. Israeli-Palestinian relations are best discussed from the vantage point of officials from inside each state who have the ability to discuss the backgrounds and possible solutions to this conflict. Through prepared remarks and discussion, each speaker will address how Israel and Palestine can reach a solution and what role the United States should take in the deal.

Watch Hanan eloquently discuss the political tension in the region and refute Barak’s claim that Palestine never existed with evidence of his identity through birth records that show Palestine as his birth state.


Texas A&M student Mahmoud Yamak voiced his opinion of the speech on facebook.




About the MSC Wiley Lecture Series:

The MSC Wiley Lecture Series is a showcase featuring world-renowned speakers discussing thought-provoking topics of global significance. It is a student-led organization that augments education through the development of leadership and responsibility. The series provides Texas A&M students with opportunities to complement their classroom education by allowing them to directly interact with the men and women who influence the world.


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