Palestinian Customs and Traditions

IMG_1269 (2)

Palestinian social customs and traditions date back to the 7th century. The Palestinian customs are rooted in the very soil of the land and are hence inseparable from the lives of the people belonging to Palestine. The customs of Palestine not only get reflected on the society of the land and the people but also in the famous works of art and literature of the country.

IMG_1134 (2)

Every year the Palestinian Cultural Center of Houston holds its annual Palestinian Festival in March. The festival is created for American Palestinians to remember their culture and heritage through shared experience and cultural revival.

The festival includes dozen of vendors selling authentic Palestinian attire, medallions, jewelry, food, art, books, crafts, and more. In addition to authentic dancing, traditional fashion shows, and cultural reenactments. We will even have a little bit of fun with the qoosa efharing (we’ll explain what that is later) and falafel eating competitions!

Stay tuned for a series of silly adventures during this years 6th annual Houston Palestinian festival!  But First! A bit of our national anthem to kick it off!


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