There is a purpose

I’m sure most of the subject matter here is controversial and hard to digest. Those of you that have seen the Syndicates Facebook and Twitter pages understand what I’m talking about. It might be fair to say that I am desensitized to much of the terrible images and videos that I am showing. But I am not, and I am showing them for a purpose. Because this is a daily occurrence for Palestinians living under military occupation. Matter of fact, its happening right now as we speak. And it must stop.

For years, the Israeli government has gotten away with war crimes, illegal land grabs, apartheid, human rights violations, discrimination, collective punishment, and theft of natural resources. Its time we all stand together to put an end to it. As I continue to post, I will touch on each of these subjects, and more so you can understand the full nature of the conflict.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only the that ever has.”-Margaret Mead

How do we put an end to this occupation you ask? Through peaceful, non violent resistance. I get it, I get it. How can there be peace in a region with so much tension? The answer to that question is simple. End the occupation and grant Palestinians equal rights. There can be no peace without justice. So long as the Palestinians do no have equal rights, that everyone in this world has, there can be no peace. In a future post we will discuss how we as an international community can come together and nonviolently resist occupation and apartheid.

So why is this conflict important for you? Because we are NOT part of the solution, instead we are part of the problem. The U.S. (3 billion of your tax payer dollars) are funding and militarily backing apartheid and occupation. Something that wasn’t allowed in South Africa or in Nazi Germany, and that shouldn’t be allowed now in present day Palestine.

Imagine for a moment, that Mexico decides to give a portion of Texas to a group of people with no homeland (Texas in this reference is its own individual state, not connected to the U.S.). Now remember that Mexico is illegally giving away Texas, they don’t own it and technically cannot give it away, but they do. And as a result they without your consent, give away your home and everything you own. Now keep imagining for me, that you are sitting in your home one day, watching football or cooking or whatever it is that makes you happy. When suddenly an army comes in and begins to militarily occupy your home and your neighborhoods. Forcing you immediately to leave at gunpoint, or face death. Where do you go? What do you do? Here’s the catch, you are a peaceful civilization, with no army, no navy, no aviation and no way to defend yourself, your home, or the land that your family has lived on for generations. So what do you do? Do you leave? Or die? Or do you resist and fight back? (Remember you don’t have guns)

As touchy as this subject is, its important that we not turn a blind eye to it. Palestinians have been living under this brutal occupation for over 65 years, losing their homes, land, generations of history, and their lives. America is one of the most influential countries in this world, if we as Americans can back apartheid and military occupation we are in turn becoming an example to other nations that this is okay. And it is far from okay and not a legacy that we want to leave behind.

robert deniro

Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world have rapidly begun to show their criticism over Israeli antics and U.S. contribution, and have begun to favor the cause of the Palestinians struggle. It time Americans join the rest of the world and stop supporting Israel’s genocide.




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